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About Pure Gold Collagen

There are three different products within the GOLD COLLAGEN by Minerva Research Labs range; Pure, Active and Forte. Pure GOLD COLLAGEN is designed for women who wish to fight the appearance of the early signs of ageing. It is a liquid supplement which contains active ingredients such as collagen to nourish your body from the inside for a younger looking you which is visible on the outside. This specifically developed formula helps to boost natural collagen and elastin.

Pure GOLD COLLAGEN DOES NOT contain sugars, artificial sweeteners, artificial preservatives, artificial colours, alcohol, GMO and is Halal and Kosher certified and Gluten FREE

Pure Gold Collagen Tried & Tested

At first I was a little dubious and worried to delve into the unknown and drink this supplement product. I thought the Pure GOLD COLLAGEN supplement was going to taste horrible and wasn’t sure how my stomach was going to react to the formula.

Personally I wasn’t too keen on the smell of the formula, it wasn’t a horrible smell, just different. I gave the bottle a shake as the packaging says to do so and then emptied the formula from the bottle and into a small glass to see what I was going to drink, actually looked like. It just looks like a juice, as you can see in the picture below.

Pure Gold Collagen in a clear glass

Once I drank the supplement I was pleasantly surprised, it tasted a lot better than it smelled. I would describe the taste to being fruity and tangy, the bottle states that it is a peach and passion fruit flavour. The amount of Pure GOLD COLLAGEN liquid is certainly a shot and only took two mouthfuls so after my first initial taste, every day from then on for the remaining 9 days, I drank the supplement straight from the bottle.

Pure Gold Collagen in the packaging

The Result

Each Pure GOLD COLLAGEN pack contains 10 bottles which is the equivalent to 10 days’ worth and although GOLD COLLAGEN recommend to take this supplement for 4 weeks, I started noticing a difference after the 5th bottle (5 days). My hair looks slightly glossier and my skin felt a lot more hydrated with a ‘fresh’ look and the dry skin that is always on my nose (it is always there no matter what) became a lot less dry – I currently have no dry skin on my nose!

The only negative I see is that at £35.99 the Pure GOLD COLLAGEN does seem a little expensive for a supplement BUT this product did make it to the Beauty Magazine Awards 2014, was a winner of the Best Food Supplement and received the anti-aging and beauty trophy and with spectacular results that does what it says on the box…I would certainly use it again!

Pure Gold Collagen by Minerva Beauty Awards 2014 LogoPure Gold Collagen by Minerva Beauty Awards 2014 Winner Logo

Pros and Cons


Hydrates skin and in turn promotes younger looking skin
Helps to support healthy looking hair
Tastes nice
Gluten free


A little pricey for a supplement

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How to Purchase Gold Collagen

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