GOLD COLLAGEN ® is one of the fastest growing, premium product ranges in the UK designed to help fight the signs of aging. GOLD COLLAGEN ® is a range of liquid beauty supplements designed to nourish the skin from the inside out and consists of three specially formulated products, each addressing different ages, lifestyle, skin and health concerns. Minerva Research Labs who developed and manufacturers GOLD COLLAGEN ® products took their inspiration from various food technology breakthroughs in Japan.

Each product within the GOLD COLLAGEN ® range is specially formulated with a unique blend of high quality, sugar free ingredients which enables each shot to be up to 20 times more effective than using a collagen cream or pill.

GOLD COLLAGEN ® supplements are ready to drink, quick and simply to take each morning and can either be taken on it’s own as a beauty supplement or as part of an existing skincare routine or exercise regime to further enhance your skin and body.

All GOLD COLLAGEN products are Halal and Kosher certified, Gluten free and do not contain the following: sugars, artificial sweeteners, artificial preservatives, artificial colours, alcohol, GMO

What is GOLD COLLAGEN ® Used For?

There are three products within the GOLD COLLAGEN ® range and each product is designed for a specific age, lifestyle, skin and health concerns.

As an overview;

Pure GOLD COLLAGEN is designed for women who wish to fight the appearance of the early signs of ageing and helps to support healthy looking hair and nails.

Active GOLD COLLAGEN is designed for men and women who lead a more active lifestyle and helps to support muscles and joints.

GOLD COLLAGEN Forte is designed for women over 40 to help counteract the appearance of advanced signs of ageing. The formula within this supplement combines a unique blend of anti-oxidents which works from within and provides protection against oxidative stress. Forte Gold Collagen formula is specifically enhanced with 2x more moisture-retaining hyaluronic acid compared with the Pure Collagen Gold and helps to boost the natural collagen and hydration levels.

The Research and Innovation Behind GOLD COLLAGEN ®

GOLD COLLAGEN ® is developed and produced at Minerva Research Labs in London, UK. Minerva Research Labs products are uniquely designed and produced to promote beauty, health and fight the signs of aging.

Minerva Research Labs Logo

Minerva stress that science and research is at the heart and core of their values and business.

Image of Collagen Levels in a Forearm Before and After 30 Days of Gold Collagen

Minerva Research Labs clinically test GOLD COLLAGEN ® products to ensure the efficacy of the product and its performance is of the highest it can be.

Only the highest quality of ingredients which are scientifically proven to work go into the creation of GOLD COLLAGEN ® products.

The beneficial effects of GOLD COLLAGEN supplements are fully documented from many clinical studies that have been held and published in respected scientific journals. To view these scientific publications, please visit the GOLD COLLAGEN website

The Importance of Collagen to Us

Collagen plays a very important role within our bodies, providing support for our skin and connective tissues, including joints, ligaments and muscles. The visible factors that Collagen is responsible for is the smooth and plump appearance of healthy and young looking skin.

The production of Collagen within our bodies happens continuously throughout of lives although does start to decline over time. As we age, there becomes a drop in our Collagen production and an increase in degradation and the Collagen within our bodies become fragile, leaving skin with a weakened structural support and leads skin to lose volume and firmness, this is when the skin starts to wrinkle. The reduction in Collagen also impacts on the hydration and suppleness of the skin via a loss in hyaluronic acid.

GOLD COLLAGEN ® products help to increase your Collagen levels and are perfect liquid beauty supplements to nourish the skin from the inside out.

An Image of the Natural Ageing Process of Skin
The natural ageing process of the skin and the effect of Collagen in the skin


Within GOLD COLLAGEN formulas the highest quality of hydrolysed Collagen is used which is made up of small peptides containing chains of amino acids which helps GOLD COLLAGEN products to be easily absorbed and distributed, traveling throughout the whole body and skin via the blood stream. The high quality hydrolysed collagen within these supplements help and stimulates the body to naturally increase the production of elastin and create and build new collagen structures within the body.

Collagen Production with GOLD COLLAGEN Products

Does GOLD COLLAGEN ® Really Work?

At forever beaux HQ we have tried and tested all the GOLD COLLAGEN ® products for ourselves. Have a read of our product reviews:

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How to Purchase Gold Collagen

View the full range of GOLD COLLAGEN products at forever beaux to read more and / or to purchase.

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