Collagen products need to be able to reach the dermis to increase levels of skin Collagen and if the products can’t reach this layer, they won’t work, even if the product have collagen within it. Many beauty creams, moisturisers and serums that contain collagen claim to work deep down don’t as they can’t, due to their active ingredients having a larger molecular size so they can’t penetrate the epidermis layer (the skin) as it is doing its job and protecting and not letting anything past. Most creams will only work on the surface of the skin, the epidermis layer.

Epidermis and Dermis Diagram
Epidermis and Dermis Diagram

The most effective beauty products / supplements which contain collagen are those which are in an oral intake form like a tablet or liquid as they do not need to try and get their way past the epidermis layer to the dermis. Collagen products taken orally are easily ingested and absorbed by the body, with the active ingredients travelling to the dermis layer via blood vessels.

Although as mentioned, oral intake form of collagen beauty products and supplements are more effective than creams, the scientists at MINERVA Research Labs concluded that the best form is that of a liquid and not a tablet. This conclusion is based on the fact that a liquid is far easier to swallow and more rapidly absorbed as it doesn’t need to be broken down from a solid form.

In conclusion, liquid and tablet form of collagen beauty products / supplements are far more effective than the majority of collagen creams although a liquid product is overall more effect.

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