All That JAZZ Sharon’s Bella Rose Sashay Product Review

All That JAZZ Sharon’s Bella Rose Sashay Product Review

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All That JAZZ Nail Products

All that JAZZ is a relatively new nail brand and has been created by the team at Nail Harmony that successfully propelled Gelish into the UK market.

Jazz Smedley, the daughter of Jason and Georgie (Owners and Managing Directors of Nail Harmony) is the face and inspiration behind the brand of All that JAZZ.

We don’t stock All That JAZZ nail products here at forever beaux, however, while I was at the Professional Beauty Trade Show in London in 2013 for business, my attention was drawn to the All that JAZZ stand as it was amazingly unusual compared to the rest of the beauty stands. The stand actually reminded me of Musical Chicago which is interesting because this is where the hit song ‘All That Jazz’ came from. I would love to hear the story behind the brand.

All That JAZZ Sharon’s Bella Rose Sashay Swatch

All That JAZZ Sharons Bella Rose Sashay Nail Polish
All That JAZZ Sharons Bella Rose Sashay Nail Polish

In the above image I am wearing a single coat of the Nubar Foundation base coat with two coats of the Sharon’s Bella Rose Sashay and then a single coat of the Nubar Diamont Seal and Shine top coat.

Sharon’s Bella Rose Sashay by All that Jazz is in a 15ml bottle, has relatively soft bristles and was a very easy polish to apply.

I found that two coats of this polish wasn’t quite enough  and in my opinion it needed the third coat, however, I didn’t realise this till after I had applied the top coat. Although I say I think it needed a third coat, that is of course personal preference, as as you can see in the image above, the coverage looks fine. 🙂

This All The JAZZ nail polish is such a beautiful colour and the first thing that came to mind was that it would be absolutely perfect for bridesmaid nails. The nail polish is a very light pink with a shimmer finish and loaded full of small medium and large size holographic glitter pieces.


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