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Nubar has been a well recognised and popular nail polish and treatments brand both in America and in the UK for 15 years. Nubar was founded in 2000 by Noubar Abrahamian. Noubar had a main focus for the brand he had created, which is that all Nubar products are to be THE nail brand that is healthy for nails. With this high quality and caring focus, Noubar Abrahamian created all Nubar nail products to be free from the big 5: Toluene, Formaldehyde, Formaldehyde Resin, Phthalate and Camphor. Mr Abrahamian didn’t stop there, Nubar products have the backing of P.E.T.A., (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animal) guaranteeing that no animals are used to test products and therefore certifying all Nubar products as vegan and cruelty free, making them vegetarian and vegan friendly.

peta cruelty free and vegan logo
PETA cruelty free and vegan logo

At forever beaux, we are the UK Official and Authorised Online Stockist of Nubar nail products.

Nubar Nail Polish

Nubar nail polishes are loved by many and used both in home and in lots of beauty salons and spas around the UK and in America. These polishes come in a vast array of colours and finishes. The finishes range from chunky glitter, creme, glitter, metalic, shimmer, translucent and more.

Nubar have two types of polish, Gelicure and Lacquer and two sizes of bottle; 15ml (standard) and 7ml (mini). At forever beaux, we stock the entire range of Nubar nail polish lacquers at the standard 15ml size.

The bottle cap / handle of the brush is matte with very fine dots etched in to it and the Nubar logo inscribed too, helping to make it easy to hold which provides for a good grip without slipping. The handle also features a lip at the bottom (end closest to the brush) that allows you to rest your finger, which also helps to provide for a good grip. There is nothing worse that having your hands slipping down the handle while trying to paint your nails and Nubar have cracked it here with their unique designed handle.

I have found that all Nubar nail polishes are very easy to apply due to the quality nail brush bristles and formula of the nail polish. I have noticed that there are a few differences to some of their nail polishes, a few are a slightly thinner formula and personally I feel they need a third coat on the nails, and a further few have a thicker formula making it a little trickier to apply. However the colours are stunning, the quality is brilliant and the polish lasts on the nails for about 5-7 days without chipping – of course this depends on you and how you use your hands and nails each day. I don’t mind applying a third coat on these few nail polishes that I have found needed it as I love the colours, however, this is personal preference so another person may not feel the need for a third coat. 🙂

Nubar Nail Art

Nubar love nail art and colour and have many products to choose from to help to create unique nail art designs. Each Nubar nail art product comes in a vast array of colours for you to choose from.

Nubar Nail Jewels / Glitters

There are 46 jewels / glitters to choose from, each are a different size and colour. The Nubar Jewels / Glitters each come in their own individual pot and weigh 14g / 0.5oz. The very fine glitters are perfect for creating fine details to your nail art and waterfall effect nails and the extra large hunky glitter is perfect for creating 3D effect nail art.

Nubar NU-NNJ27 Brilliant Chrome Nail Jewels Glitter
Nubar Brilliant Chrome Nail Jewels Glitter (.040″)
Nubar NU-NNJ32 Lilac Jewels Glitter
Nubar Lilac Jewels Glitter (.008″)
Nubar NU-NNJ14 Blue Alpha Jewels Glitter
Nubar Blue Alpha Jewels Glitter (.040″)

Nubar Stripers

There are 25 nail art stripers within their collection which include various colours and three different types of finishes; glitter, metallic and shiny. Each Nubar nail striper is 7.4ml with a long handle for ease of grip for a sturdy hand and long, high-quality bristles for the brush to create perfect nail art patterns and designs.

Nubar NU-A129 Black Striper
Nubar Black Nail Striper
Nubar A184 Purpure Glitter Striper
Nubar Purpure Glitter Nail Striper
Nubar A104 Teal Glitter Striper
Nubar Teal Glitter Nail Striper

Nubar Nail Treatments

Nubar has a comprehensive collection of high performance treatments for your nails. Whether your nails are in need of a base coat, top coat, ridge filler, nail weaver, a cuticle softener, cuticle oil, nail polish removers or hand lotions, there is a nail treatment product for you.

The cuticle oils come six different colours and six different scents too! The six scents available are:

Cucumber Cuticle Oil
Vanilla Cuticle Oil
Sweet Almond Cuticle Oil
Passion Fruit Cuticle Oil
Grapefruit Cuticle Oil
Green Apple Cuticle Oil

How to Purchase Nubar Nail Products

View the entire Nubar Collection at forever beaux to read more and / or to purchase.

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