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I have wrote a previous blog post all about Nubar, about the brand and it’s nail products so please have a read to find out more information about Nubar.

About Nubar Skin Essentials Island Breeze Hand & Body Lotion

The Nubar Skin Essentials Island Breeze is an Aromatherapy hand and body lotion with shea butter, vitamin A, C and E and like all other Nubar products, this hand and body lotion is paraben free and cruelty free.

Nubar Island Breeze Body Lotion
Nubar Skin Essentials Island Breeze Body Lotion

Nubar Skin Essentials is the healthy alternative to beautiful skin and contains coconut to help soften skin and mango to help hydrate skin, mixed in a blend of tropical aromatherapeutic properties.

This hand and body lotion from Nubar claims to do the following:

  • Unique Skin Cell Revitalising Formula
  • Helps Protect skin from Environmental Free Radicals
  • Contains Soothing Healing Agent Shea Butter
  • Provides Maximum Moisture Retention

Nubar Skin Essentials Island Breeze Hand & Body Lotion Tried & Tested

First things first…this hand and body lotion by Nubar smells absolutely amazing!! I may sound a little crazy saying this but I can’t stop smelling this lotion, it has quite an addictive smell…which is a good thing. 🙂 It’s a fresh and therapeutic smell and I certainly understand why it’s an aromatherapy lotion as the smell is extremely relaxing. I was given a small 60ml bottle of this by Nubar so it’s the perfect size for in my handbag as a hand lotion but too small as a body lotion. However, Nubar do have larger sizes of this lotion, 240ml and 960ml which I will definitely have to purchase as body lotion.

I can feel the shea butter in the lotion which is nice but one main point I’d like to make is that the lotion isn’t ‘claggy’ either like some shea butter lotions I have tried, where you then have to wait a while for it to dry before you can do anything else. This is perfect for me as I am always using my hands with typing on the computer and my phone etc. and have little time to apply hand lotion and sit waiting for it to dry.

Before I started using this lotion, I had very dry cuticles and skin around my nails. I have been using this Nubar Skin Essentials Island Breeze Hand and Body Lotion on my hands for 11 days now. I apply the lotion about 3 times a day and my hands and cuticles (I always make sure to rub onto my cuticles too as they become dry often) are now wonderfully soft. Although I have the small 60ml bottle, it’s lasting well as you don’t actually need to use that much with each application.

Nubar Skin Essentials Island Breeze
Nubar Skin Essentials Island Breeze Hand and Body Lotion

There are another 3 hand and body lotions within the Nubar skin Essentials Collection. These are; Delicious Pear, Hypnotic and Pomegranate Delight. I would love to try these too. If anyone has tried these, please let me know what you think by writing in the comments section below.

Overall, I love this lotion, it’s perfect for my skin and fits in with my lifestyle. If you like your hand lotion to smell nice, like a thoroughly nourishing and moisturising hand lotion but have little time to wait for the lotion to dry, then this is the hand lotion for you.



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