Nubar POP! Collection Nail Art

Nubar POP! Collection Nail Art

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Princess Unicorn Nails – Nubar POP! Collection Nail Art

So I had my first go at creating nail art and I am really happy with the outcome. I have named this look, Princess-Unicorn-Nails as it was the first thing I thought of once I had finished the look. A little random I know. 🙂 I mentioned in a previous post I wrote on reviewing the Spring 2015 Nubar POP! Collection, that I would love to use some of the nail polishes to create some nail art designs so here is the first.

Nubar Pop Collection Nail Art
Nubar Pop Collection Nail Art – Princess Unicorn Nails

This nail art design actually reminds me of the Lego Unicorn from the Lego move as you can see in the image below.

Lego Unicorn Image
Lego Unicorn from the Lego Movie

The majority of nail polishes used to create this nail art design are from the Nubar spring 2015 POP! Collection and I am going to give a step by step guide of how to create this look. I appreciate that this look isn’t for everyone, just like all nail art. This is a very ‘pop’ kind of look that would also look perfect being dumbed down by just being on a single nail and all other nails being one of the colours used in the nail art nail, pink for example.

How To

What you will need:

1x Base Coat (I used the Nubar Foundation Base Coat)
1x Glitter Nail Polish – Lightly loaded (I used Nubar Silver Spark)
3x Coloured nail polishes (I used; Nubar Fan Club, Nubar Prima Donna and Nubar Covergirl)
1x Clear Top coat (I used Nubar Diamont Seal & Shine Top Coat)
1x Striping tape
1x Nail art sponge
1x Tweezers
3x – 5x Cotton buds
Liquid nail polish remover

Nail Products Used to Create the Nail Art Design
Nail Products Used to Create the Nail Art Design

Step by Step

Step 1

File nails and remove any excess nail polish you had previously worn on your nails with nail polish remover.

Step 2

Apply a single coat of base coat. I used the Nubar Foundation Base Coat which is easy to apply and provided me with a perfect base coat. Allow this to dry properly before going any further.

Step 3

Apply two coats of a silver glitter nail polish that is lightly loaded in a clear polish. I used the Nubar Silver Spark glitter nail polish. The image below shows two coats of the Nubar Silver Spark glitter nail polish. In the image I am holding the Nubar Passion Fruit Cuticle Oil as I had time, I applied some cuticle oil and left my nails for an our or so as I had the time. This is not something you need to do when creating this nail art design.

Nubar Silver Spark Glittery Nails and Nubar Cuticle Oil
Nubar silver Spark Glittery Nails with Nubar Passion Fruit Cuticle oil

Step 4

Apply a single clear top coat. I used the Nubar Diamont Seal & Shine as it’s fast drying and one of my favourite clear top coats.

Nubar Diamont Seal & Shine Topcoat
Nubar Diamont Seal & Shine Topcoat NU-T309

Step 5

Using striping tape, cut pieces off and place them diagonally across each nail, leaving about a 2mm gap between each piece of tape. Do this to the thumb and all fingers apart from the ‘ring finger’, only add three strips to this finger, as shown in the image below.

Nail Art Striping Tape on Nails
Nail Art Striping Tape Positioned Diagonally on Nails

Step 6

Next you will need a nail art sponge or any kind of sponge really. I purchased these nail art sponges from a merchant on Amazon. They took about 4 weeks to arrive but they were pretty easy to use as they are a nice small size, perfect for your nails and creating nail art.

Nail Art Sponges
Nail Art Sponges

BEFORE applying nail polish to the sponge, place the sponge on the nail and keep a mental note of how far down the sponge your nail covers. This is to make sure you cover the sponge in enough polish to cover your nail. As you can see in the below image in Step 7, I didn’t need to cover the entire sponge in nail polish to cover my nails.

Step 7

Apply horizontal lines of each colour nail polish to the sponge. Here I have used a blue, (Nubar Fan Club), green (Nubar Prima Donna) and a pink (Nubar Covergirl), all from the Nubar Spring 2015 POP! Collection.

Nail Art Sponge with Nubar Nail Polish
Nail Art Sponge with Nubar POP! Collection Colours: Fan Club, Prima Donna and Covergirl

Step 8

Gently press the sponge onto the nail by starting from a side of a nail and gently rolling across to the other side. Apply more nail polish to the sponge and do this action again on the same nail. Repeat this process for all nails except the ‘ring finger’. Your nails should now look something like the below (apologies, I got a little ahead of myself and removed the striping tape from the thumb and index finger before taking the picture.):

Nubar Pop Collection Nail Art Sponged
Nails After Nail Art Sponge had Been Applied with the Nubar Pop Collection Nail Polishes

You are probably thinking that you have made a complete mess, you haven’t, don’t worry. 🙂

Step 9

Now to paint the ‘ring finger’. Using a thin nail art brush, if you don’t have any nail art brushes, be very careful with the nail polish brush, apply each of the three colours in the same order as you did on the sponge, but straight on to the nails, above each striping tape. As you can see in the image above, the striping tape has made 4 sections, paint the section by your cuticle in the blue, then the next section in the green and the next in the pink and leave the last section as it is.

Step 10

Carefully remove the striping tape from all the nails. I used a pair of TWEEZERMAN tweezers to help me with this part. Please note: don’t allow your nails to dry before removing the tape.

Step 11

Now to clean up the nail polish from around the nail. Using a cotton bud, dip it into liquid nail polish remover and carefully clean up the edges around the nail, This is surprisingly easier than you think, especially if the polish is still a little wet.

Step 12

Allow your nails to dry.

Step 13

Once your nails are dry, apply a clear a hi-shine to coat. I used the Nubar Diamont Seal and Shine Top Coat.

Step 14

Once the top coat is dry, add a little cuticle oil, I used the Nubar Passion Fruit Cuticle Oil, or a hand moisturiser to care for your hands and nails.

An voila, here is the finished result:

Nubar Pop Collection Nail Art with Nail Polishes
Nubar Pop Collection Nail Art with Colour Nail Polishes Used: Fan Club, Prima Donna and Covergirl


What is your opinion on this nail art design? Like, Love or Hate?

I would love to hear how you get on if you try this nail art design, what colours you have used and see any pictures too. 🙂

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