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GOLD COLLAGEN FORTE is a drinkable health and beauty supplement developed specifically for women who are 40 years old and and over to help counteract the appearance of advanced signs of ageing and claims to:

  • Supports skin hydration, elasticity and radiance
  • Helps to support healthy looking hair and nails
  • Reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
  • Protect against oxidative damage and stress
  • Promotes skin suppleness and firmness

GOLD COLLAGEN FORTE was highly commended by the Pure Beauty Awards 2014Gold Collagen Forte Highly Commended at Pure Beauty Awards 2014

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Guest Blog Author- Sharon Brown

Sharon Brown forever beaux Guest Blogger
Sharon Brown Guest Blogger at forever beaux

Firstly, a little about myself…..

I am 45 years young, mum to 3 children and a Nurse; so the trials of motherhood together with working a variety of shifts, including nights has taken its toll on my skin over recent years.  My main issues are dryness and fine lines combined with reduced elasticity (that’s what I believe anyway)!  Moreover, time is obviously a factor in my daily skincare regime, I ‘need’ it to be quick and easy; Gold Collagen is purely a small ‘shot’ to be drunk daily.

So, I have decided to trial the Gold Collagen Forte for 30 days to see if it really does ‘what it claims’.

Gold Collagen Forte Tried & Tested

Week One

I have completed the first week of my 30 day trial of the GOLD COLLAGEN FORTE.

Gold Collagen comes in daily doses of small individual glass bottles that makes it easy to remember to drink (just put a bottle out in the kitchen each night to make a part of your daily breakfast regime for the following day).

Now, I have to say that it definitely is an acquired taste.  It has a rather fruity/perfumy type taste and smell, which for the first couple of days I couldn’t decide whether I liked or not.  One week later however, and I am used to the flavour and its certainly not unpleasant.

Have I noticed any changes in my skin?  Well day 4 I broke out in a few spots, which may be a part of the cleansing process – I’m not sure.   Further, I feel my skin is less dry and I think maybe looking a bit brighter already.

The most noticeable change I would say this early, would be my nails.  I cut all my nails off a week ago for a clinical exam I was taking, already they have grown as much as they would in 2-3 weeks!

Week Two

14 days into the 30 days and results I would say are pretty much the same as over the previous week, except that I can definitely say that my skin is less dry, and now I feel my eyes are brighter too.

I’ve now become accustomed to the taste also – it was definitely worth persevering with!

Week Three

By the end of this week, there I feel are noticeable differences in my complexion, which is without doubt much clearer, and fine lines appear reduced.  Furthermore, I think my hair is glossier too.  Any spots that appeared in the early days have also cleared up.  My nails continue to grow really quickly and are nice and strong.

A further aspect I’ve noticed over the past week is that I seem to have more energy – not sure if its related to the GOLD COLLAGEN or not, but if it is, then its very welcome!

The Result

End of the 30 Days

So, now I’ve finished, and therefore don’t need to remember to take every day anymore.  It was really easy to incorporate into my daily routine and added no extra time in the morning when I was rushing out to work.

I’ve actually really enjoyed drinking the GOLD COLLAGEN FORTE, and will miss it as part of my daily routine.

I’ve had many comments recently from friends and colleagues saying that my skin appears radiant and healthy – that’s a really nice aspect to the trial, that others have noticed and that its not just me ‘believing’ that there is a difference to my skin!


I was really pleased with the results the GOLD COLLAGEN FORTE had upon my skin.  Two weeks later and my skin still appears fresh and ‘plumped’.  However, I do feel that the effect are starting to wear off, and therefore this treatment is something that would need to be repeated periodically to get the full benefits.

Definitely worth doing, especially just before a holiday or special occasion or simply to give your skin, hair and nails a boost during the harsh winter months.

Would I use again?  Absolutely!

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