Negative Space Nail Art

As we all absolutely love the Nubar Spring 2015 POP! Collection here at forever beaux HQ, I have decided to create some further nail art with the Cover Girl (pink) and Choir Girl (grey) nail polishes.

I learnt a few dos and don’t while creating this negative space nail art design and have added the tips within this post for you so you don’t make the same easy mistakes as I did. 🙂

What is Negative Space Nail Art?

Negative Space Nail Art has been such a hit both last year (2014) and this year (2015) and has graced the nails of many supermodels up and down various catwalks.

Negative Space Nail Art is where wonderful, simple or intricate designs are created on your nails BUT areas of the nail are left unpainted. I vision it as a little window from the spectacular nail art designs through to your natural nail and certainly a great way to draw attention to your nails.

How To

What you will need:

1x Base Coat (I used the Nubar Foundation Base Coat)
2x Coloured nail polishes (I used; Nubar Choir Girl and Nubar Covergirl)
1x Clear Top coat (I used Nubar Diamont Seal & Shine Top Coat)
1x Striping tape
1x Tweezers
3-5x Cotton buds
Liquid nail polish remover

Nail Products Used to Create the Nail Art Design
Nail Products Used to Create the Negative Space Nail Art Design

Step by Step

Step 1

File nails and remove any excess nail polish you had previously worn on your nails with nail polish remover.

Step 2

Apply a single coat of base coat. I used the Nubar Foundation Base Coat which is easy to apply and provides a perfect base coat. Allow this to dry properly before going any further.

Step 3

Using striping tape, cut pieces off and place them like in the image below or of your own chosen design. Remember that you are using the striping tape to cordon off areas of your nail that will be the ‘negative space’ where you will be able to see your nail once the rest of the areas are painted.

Nail Art Striping Tape on Nails
Nail Art Striping Tape Positioned on Nails to create the negative spaces
Nail Art Striping Tape on Thumb Nail
Nail Art Striping Tape Positioned on the thumb to create the negative spaces

Step 4

Using the nail polish, paint around the areas you are wishing to have colour, remembering to NOT paint the ‘negative space’ areas.

Step 5

As soon as the nails are painted, remove the striping tape carefully using the tweezers. Make sure the tape is removed as soon as possible without allowing the polish to dry, otherwise it will pull up the polish slightly – which happened to me.

TIP: I would recommend painting one nail at a time and then removing the tape to avoid the nail polish from starting to dry before you have the chance to pull off the striping tape.

Step 6

It’s very easy to get the nail polish on the sides of your fingers while painting around the striping tape but don’t worry, using a cotton bud, dip it into liquid nail polish remover and carefully clean up the edges around the nail, This is surprisingly easier than you think, especially if the polish is still a little wet.

Step 7

Once my nails were dry, I cut some fresh pieces of the striping tape and placed them on to the thumb and middle finger nails where the striping tape was originally before I removed them. As the nail polish messed up a little as mentioned in the step above (Step 6), in hindsight, I should really have added fresh pieces of striping tape to all the other nails to give them a clearer cut finish. Something to remember next time. 🙂

Step 8

Next, apply a clear top coat. I used the Nubar Diamont Seal and Shine Top Coat.

An voila, here is the finished result:

Negative Space Nail Art with Nubar POP Collection
Negative Space Nail Art with Nubar Pop Collection. Nail Polishes Used: Cover Girl (Pink) and Choir Girl (Grey)

TIP: A tip that I would give from creating negative space nail art is to remember that the negative space you are creating with the striping tape is a bigger space than you are outlining as the tape is also covering up the nail too. As you can see with my middle finger nail, the space is far too wide, it looked fine when the tape was on, but I forgot that the tape was in fact, covering up the nail too and would be part of the ‘negative space’.


What is your opinion on this nail art design? Like, Love or Hate?

I would love to hear how you get on if you try this nail art design, what colours you have used and see any pictures too. 🙂

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