Bruzz Hygienic Nail Brush Review

Bruzz Hygienic Nail Brush Review

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Bruzz Nail Brush – Tried & Tested

We gave Alice Noakes, a mummy of one and a trained beauty therapist, a pink Bruzz Nail Brush to use and review for us. Below is Alice’s review.

“I have used nail brushes for years and have never come across one that comes close to the Bruzz! It’s durable, hygienic, gentle on the nails and cuticles but also has a cool design and removable bristles for better cleaning. The Bruzz nail brush is also infused with vanilla scented antibacterial bristles, making it the ultimate hygienic nail brush! With it’s cool design and fresh vanilla scent, it’s even made my six year old want to clean her nails.”

Alices Nails and Bruzz Nail Brush
Pink Bruzz Nail Brush

A Little About Bruzz

The Bruzz is an extremely hygienic nail brush that currently comes in three colours. this little brush is made from rubber bristles that can easily be removed from it’s base and popped in the dishwasher to clean. The bristles can with stand heat up to 120 degrees celcious. The smart design of the bristles on the Bruzz stop spray from escaping which can cause cross-contamination.

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Bruzz Nail Brushes

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Love or Hate the Bruzz Nail Brush

Do you LOVE or HATE the Bruzz Nail Brush? Have you tried this nail brush before? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

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