TWEEZERMAN G.E.A.R. For Men Black Slant Tweezer 12301-MG Review

TWEEZERMAN G.E.A.R. For Men Black Slant Tweezer 12301-MG Review

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TWEEZERMAN G.E.A.R. For Men Black Slant Tweezer – Tried & Tested

TWEEZERMAN G.E.A.R. For Men Slant Tweezer 12301-MG

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I’m 37 and work as an IT consultant. I travel around the country and occasionally Europe, working with organisations to improve their Enterprise IT, with a focus on cloud. Unlike some of my peers, I don’t have a beard, long hair and bad dress sense, or a long black leather coat. I’m a normal guy with a healthy appetite (read: I could benefit from losing a few pounds) but I try to keep healthy by exercising three times a week. I can’t profess to have a beauty regimen except that I use L’Oreal Men Expert Charcoal face wash and have, from time-to-time, borrowed (ahem) a Bioré pore strip from my fiancée. I’m also occasionally treated to a facial cleanse with toner but that’s usually as a result of proximity and opportunity, or perhaps bad luck (I enjoy it really.)

Tweezerman Tweezers – Tried & Tested

As we knock on a bit, we tend to find hairs growing in places they shouldn’t be. For gents, this tends to be a combination of nose and ear (yes, seriously) hair. Most men might not care so much about their appearance that they find the need to use a pair of tweezers but when we shave and get an ingrowing beard hair, having a decent pair of tweezers can be the difference between a bumpy, itchy red neck and comfort.

I’ve used tweezers on and off to deal with the odd problem hair and have never found that a pair of tweezers you get in a Christmas cracker are up to the job. You get them in a cracker for a reason – they’re cheap. For that reason, they’re almost always rubbish too. Trying to pull out a very thin hair will usually either snap/cut the hair or be an exercise in futility because the tweezer simply isn’t flat enough to grab the hair properly in the first place. They’re also not likely to be sharp enough to get under a single layer of skin to grab an ingrowing hair either so they’re mostly useless for anything related to hair removal.

I bought a pair of Tweezerman G.E.A.R. For Men Slant Tweezers because, now that I am getting a little older, I have a few more hairs where I don’t want them and I still care about my appearance enough to pluck them when I spot them. Ear and nose hair plus the odd hair in random places are an interesting challenge and, having previously failed miserably with Christmas cracker type tweezers, the Tweezerman tweezers do a superb job. They’re hand sharpened to give a superior flat surface area that helps to grip the hair without cutting it, ensuring that you can pull the hair without it snapping off and leaving the root behind.

The tweezers are so well sharpened that I have found that you need to remove any previous hair follicles from between the surfaces or the next follicle you try to grab won’t have as good of a grip as may be required. A quick flick of a finger over the surfaces or a blow usually clears any previously removed follicles to keep the surfaces clean and clear.

The sharpened surfaces of the tweezers do mean that the ends are sharp, so if you jab yourself with them, you’ll know about it. I speak from experience when I say poking around your nasal cavity with a serious pair of tweezers like these in a nonchalant manner can result in an afternoon of tissue protruding from your nostrils where there may have been a couple of small hairs previously. I’m stating the obvious here but a tissue is more noticeable than a couple of nose hairs, so be careful.

Tweezerman know their tweezers are sharp, and they need to be to work as well as they do, so they do provide a protective end cap which I suggest you use. Tweezermans are great at removing awkward hairs but they’re sharp. As much as your old pair of tweezers might have come from a Christmas cracker, Tweezerman tweezers are not toys.

I’ve used my pair for over 12 months now and use them for removing nose hair mainly – yes, it hurts but there’s a clue in the name, TweezerMAN. They’re as good as they were when I bought them and I can still remove those (currently) super-fine ear hairs that, as I approach 40 (eugh), I’ve started noticing more of.

If you’re looking for the best tweezers to deal with unsightly in-growing beard hairs or random hairs growing from parts of your body that they really shouldn’t be growing from, Tweezerman tweezers are your best choice and come highly recommended. 10 out of 10.

TWEEZERMAN G.E.A.R. For Men Black Slant Tweezer 12301-MG – RRP: £20.95

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